GRP Ladder and Tray Systems

Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) cable management systems are vitally important for use in the transport, petrochemical and construction industries where it is used to provide lightweight yet mechanically strong materials which replace heavier, more energy consuming materials such as aluminium, steel and concrete.

It is a highly competent engineering material, capable of being specified for a large number of construction applications. GRP cable management systems are well suited to aggressive environments where there might be extreme weather or high temperatures.

They are extremely robust, considerably lighter than aluminium or steel, and have excellent resistance against fire and corrosion resulting in a very long life span. GRP systems have a large cable capacity, and offer fast and flexible installation solutions, with the ability of on-site assembly and configuration.

Marshall-Tufflex can offer a wide range of GRP systems including trays, ladders, ground ducts, troughing, accessories and fittings, fixings and supports.

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