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A window into cable management

We are committed to our vision for sustainable plastic across Marshall-Tufflex and the construction industry. We wanted a campaign that gives a window into our cable management processes, and reassure that the only thing we are changing is the environment.

Our vision and values are reflected across the company, and we were thrilled that some of our employees wanted to feature in the campaign.

Meet some of the team from around the company who are passionate about the environment and our recycling activities:

Hannah and Debbie said of the experience:

'I was very nervous to take part and totally out of my comfort zone, but wanted to support the company in its hard work in finding ways to promote the good things we do for the environment; I've worked here for 23 years and it's nice to give something back.'

Hannah Hayler, Management Accountant

'I was pleased to be able to help the company in their environmental campaign. Looking after our planet is so topical at the moment, and so important that we do what we can to help and encourage the industry to do the same. It was great to be part of an important stage of the company's story'  

Debbie Ensell, Business Project Manager

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