Odyssey Bio for university hospital of North Tees

The University Hospital of North Tees, in Stockton, opted for Marshall-Tufflex’s anti-microbial, fully curved trunking system for an electrical upgrade to a stroke ward in order to help prevent the spread of infection.

In selecting Odyssey Bio for the electrical upgrade, Richard Speight, estates engineer for the University Hospital of North Tees, was particularly attracted to the unique curvature of the CAT 6 compliant, anti-microbial containment system, which repels dust and dirt and aids cleaning regime.

“Flat surfaces gather dust and dust gathers bugs," said Mr Speight, who considered the work to install power sockets to each bed in the high-risk environment a timely opportunity to fit Marshall-Tufflex's Odyssey Bio cable containment system. “The curving profile was a big bonus," he added.

Richard Speight, University Hospital of North Tees

Odyssey Bio is particularly suited to healthcare environments for two distinct reasons:
Its curved profile aids cleaning regimes and repels clutter. Its anti-microbial agent is mixed into the PVC-U during manufacture and is 99.9% effective against MRSA, Klebsiella Pneumonia, E-coli and Salmonella. Because the anti-microbial is integral to the trunking, it will not rub or wear off and if scratched continues to work unhindered.

The University Hospital of North Tees is part of the North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, which provides healthcare to around 400,000 people and places great importance on good patient care through safe, modern, high quality health services.

Odyssey Bio was installed in Ward 40, a 20 bed ward at University Hospital North Tees by DH Potters (Electrical). The system was supplied by Edmundson Electrical, Stockton.

Odyssey Bio is tested to quantitative standard ISO 22196:2007, which shows the survival rate of tested bacteria to be less than 0.1%. It will therefore help to counteract harmful bugs, such as MRSA, Klebsiella Pneumonia, E-coli and Salmonella, and help to avoid cross contamination in medical and other high risk applications when combined with stringent hygiene routines.

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