Corporate Social Responsibility

Marshall-Tufflex is an established supporter of charity, donating almost half a million pounds over the last five years alone.

Our philanthropic spirit is part of our heritage and ingrained into the culture and we are very proud to support local and national charities through regular staff fundraising efforts and company donations.

In 1962 our Company founder Harold Cirket, established a charitable Trust, the Charlotte Marshall Charitable Trust, which the company still supports today through a mix of dividend payments and donations.

Marshall-Tufflex and the Community

Marshall-Tufflex is committed to community engagement; we believe that it is our corporate responsibility to be socially aware and to give back to the local area.

MT in the Community is a programme to drive and encourage engagement across a range of community activities. As part of the programme we encourage our staff to volunteer and engage with activities that aid local development and growth within our community and the wider environment.

We have relationships with local educational establishments, from schools to universities.


Marshall-Tufflex actively pursues a comprehensive programme to develop formulations based on environmentally acceptable materials, whilst still maintaining and, where possible, improving on long-term performance properties.


Marshall-Tufflex source and include high quality recycled PVC-U within a number of its product ranges. We are active in and financially support various industry bodies in driving the industry in the use and control of PVC-U based materials, with the aim of increasing awareness and use of recycled material. We also recycle paper, cardboard, polythene, wood, metal, print cartridges and aluminium cans.

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