Trunking for Education Environments

Marshall-Tufflex has been supplying trunking systems to the UK’s educational facilities for over thirty years. Whether it’s for an academy school, college, university, laboratory, or library, we’re sure we have the solution.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our comprehensive range of products meets the needs of clients, designers and contractors working in the education sector and understand that there is increasing demand for cable management products that enable the distribution of power and high speed data services around classrooms and study halls.

Choose from PVC-U or Aluminium trunking systems, single or double compartments, curved profile, and Bench trunking options.

As the largest UK manufacturer of cable management products, we apply our vast experience and technical knowledge to not only meet the requirements but to provide future proof cable management solutions.

Our cable management systems for education:

  • Cable management products that are already proven and selected for use in the classrooms, workshops and offices in the education sector.
  • A comprehensive range of trunking systems available in PVC-U, aluminium and steel, combining the latest technology in plug & play power connection to reduce installation time on site.
  • Designs, dimensions and cable capacities to meet the latest standards and to accommodate building designs and construction parameters.
  • Stylish and practical dado and skirting trunking systems that complement modern classroom environments.
  • Products to comply with Part M of the UK Building Regulations (Disability Discrimination Act for Visual Impairment).
  • Antimicrobial trunking systems with an integral formulation preventing 99.9% of harmful bacterial growth for facilities where hygiene is a priority.

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