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We have officially started our journey to Net Zero! On Friday 28th July we held a launch event with our staff in Hastings, Watford and Manchester. Refreshments were enjoyed by everyone, and our Managing Director talked to the team about the journey ahead.  We also planted five trees in the garden of our head office at Castleham Industrial Estate, Hastings.

At Marshall-Tufflex, we are committed to sustainability and believe it is our responsibility to protect the environment and that’s why we are starting this drive to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

We are working with Planet Mark to prioritise data integrity and to ensure we are cutting emissions across all areas of our business operations.

Planet Mark provides us with third-party verification and holds us accountable by requiring us to make carbon emissions reductions to re-certify. We will then be able to talk confidently about the actions we are taking to reduce our environmental impact and improve our impact on society.

Planet Mark’s Business Certification covers Scope 1, 2 and some ‘core’ Scope 3 emissions that are easily under organisational control (e.g., Waste generated in operations and business travel). Planet Mark Members must reduce their carbon footprint by at least 2.5% every year but targeting a 5% annual reduction in carbon emissions is recommended.

We are keen to ensure our staff and customers can be confident in our robust approach to sustainability. Our projects to date include:

Using recycled material in the production of our PVC-U products

We have used recycled material in the manufacturing of our products for over 25 years. Drawing on our knowledge and expertise, we continue to innovate and develop new ways to produce products that retain their high quality.

Campaign for wider use of products made using recycled material within buildings

We actively encourage and publicise our desire for building specifications to include PVC-U cable management systems manufactured from a minimum of 50% recycled material.

Purchase electric forklift trucks

In 2022 we replaced our existing fleet of forklift trucks with new electric lithium ion battery forklift trucks. These vehicles are now used as standard across the business.

Installing EV charging points

In 2023 we made another step forward in our Net Zero journey by installing electric vehicle charging points in our head office car parks. Both staff and visitors can utilise these points for charging their electric vehicles.

Using Biffa for our waste disposal

In 2024, we started to use Biffa for our waste disposal. Biffa will collect our waste, and go through a process to covert it into RDF (Refuse Derived Fuels), which can be converted into power, rather than going to landfill.

Installing hand dryers into our staff toilets

We have installed hand dryers into our staff toilets to reduce the waste created by paper towels. The models installed are anti-bacterial, and are highly energy efficient.

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