Coronavirus COVID19 Outbreak Company Briefing

During these uncertain times we would like to reassure all our customers that Marshall-Tufflex is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

You will of course be aware of the issues around the spread of the coronavirus COVID19 and the UK’s efforts to manage and control the spread of this virus.

As a UK business we all clearly have a role to play in the management and containment of this virus and to that end we felt it appropriate to issue a briefing on the Company’s plans during this period.

We have established an internal focus group whose aim is to review current advice and manage our response. We recognise that this is a fast moving and unpredictable situation and need to adopt a flexible approach to manage response and activity.

All Company staff have been provided with guidance on good practice measures that should be taken to help protect themselves and our customers/suppliers against Covid19, along with instructions on what actions they should take if they believe they may have been in contact with the virus. Our office functions have been decentralised by strengthening our ability to support remote working to help ensure we continue to provide core services (including sales order processing, customer service desk, technical support functions, payment of suppliers and collection of payments from customers).

We have also reviewed our supply chain and to that end have identified appropriate contingency plans to maintain supply during periods of high absence or isolation and control periods.

In addition, all Company staff have been instructed to restrict travel and face to face meetings, if this is possible to do, to keep us in line with current UK Government advice. Your support in helping us manage contact during this unprecedented period is appreciated.

If a meeting is required we will of course look to facilitate these, in the first instant by use of Skype, FaceTime or some other electronic means, but if a face to face meeting is unavoidable we will of course be available for these and make the necessary arrangements as would be normal but with some additional measures to help control any possible spread of infection.

For any collection requriements, please call the Sales office regarding your requirements.

We shall continue to monitor UK Government guidance and will adapt our plans in response to any change in circumstances.

In the meantime, should you have further queries on the Company’s position and capability during this COVID19 outbreak please contact our Sales Office on 01424 856655 and ask to speak to the Customer Services Manager.

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