NEW CPD: Sustainable PVC-U cable management systems

We have launched a new CPD course accredited by the CPD Certification Service that details the recycling and sustainability properties of PVC-U cable management systems. Aimed at contractors, specifiers, and consultants, the one-hour seminar will explain how these systems can benefit projects and best practices for specification.

The launch of our first CPD, which will ultimately form part of a series, highlights our commitment to supporting continued professional development at specifier – and industry-level.

The new CPD also forms part of our drive to emphasise the need to reduce the estimated 120 million tonnes of waste produced by the construction industry each year, and instead, re-use PVC-U material for manufacturing rather than going to landfill.

Delivered in person at a preferred site or customer premises, our one-hour Sustainable PVC-U Cable Management Systems CPD provides an overview of how recycled material is used within our PVC-U cable management systems and how its use can aid sustainability and the circular economy.

"We are actively engaged in developing new and innovative cable management solutions that use recycled materials. We are delighted to launch our first CPD with the aim of increasing awareness about sustainability and the circular economy and making those solutions more accessible."

"After completing the CPD seminar, delegates will understand more about the different types of PVC-U, as well as their properties, and how they can be recycled and used to manufacture new products. The course will also provide guidance on the best practices for specifying PVC-U cable management systems, increasing their understanding and confidence for future projects"

Martin Russell, Group Product Manager, Marshall-Tufflex

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