New ‘Van Friendly’ Conduit and Mini Trunking lengths now in stock

We now stock ‘van friendly’ 2.4 metre lengths of mini trunking and conduit, making it far easier for contractors to get lengths of product into the back of a small van.

Self Fix Mini Trunking (MMT2 & MMT4)

The 25x16mm and 38x25mm self-fixing profiles, now available in 2.4m lengths, are a versatile and durable solution for the neat and safe containment of electrical cables. Made from high-quality, recycled PVC-U material, the product has a long service life, while the self-fixing feature enables quick and easy installation, saving time and effort for the installer.

Heavy Gauge Conduit

The heavy gauge conduit in 20mm and 25mm sizes is now also available in a shorter 2.4m length, providing greater convenience and flexibility. This is a robust and reliable solution for protecting electrical cables from damage. The heavy gauge design provides added strength and durability, making it ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

At standard ceiling height, the new size also limits the number of off cuts and as a result, waste and costs are reduced.

All Marshall-Tufflex conduit and mini trunking is manufactured from between 80 and 100% recycled material as part of our commitment to offering customers superior products whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

The new product will be launched at CEF Live on 8th/9th June – Come to Stand 63, Hall 9.


MMT2 25x16mm Self Fix 2.4m Length


MMT4 38x25mm Self Fix 2.4m Length


Heavy Gauge Conduit 20mm 2.4m Length


Heavy Gauge Conduit 25mm 2.4m Length

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