Proud to help fight infection for NHS Nightingale

Marshall-Tufflex has been approached by the NHS to supply its antimicrobial cable trunking for the new emergency NHS Nightingale Hospitals, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

A total of six new Nightingale hospitals have been supplied with Marshall-Tufflex’s trunking systems, including a specification for trunking with antimicrobial ‘Bio’ properties integral to the PVC-U material.

The manufacturing process for these antimicrobial trunking systems uses a silver ion solution throughout the product, ensuring that 99.9% of harmful bacteria, (including MRSA), will not survive on the surface. Even if these become scratched or damaged, the active ingredients will continue to help prevent the spread of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs), making it the ideal specification for use in the hospital environment where control of infection is critical. The manufacturing plant has been working around the clock to deliver the Nightingale orders.

“We are proud to be in a position to supply products that play an important role in fighting the spread of infection, with a proven method of neutralising some of the most common and dangerous bacteria found in hospitals.

“It’s a real testament of our manufacturing capabilities and the extraordinary efforts of our staff who have adjusted their working schedules and worked tirelessly to produce the orders within such a short space of time. I would also like to thank our manufacturing and distribution teams who managed to make and deliver these vital products for the Nightingale hospitals up and down the country. It has been a real team effort and we are extremely proud to assist with these exceptional projects.”

Jon Chamberlain, Sales Director

Marshall-Tufflex offer two systems as part of their standard range that contain the Bio technology, depending on the aesthetic and functional requirements of the building; Odyssey and Sterling Curve Profile 1.

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