Standard Wire Basket

35mm Height

Basor wire basket is an innovative solution to accommodating high cable loads.

  • 35mm height
  • High cable capacity
  • Maximum cable ventilation and a high level of resistance to cable movement
  • Ripple design offers greater resistance to flexing
  • Greater safe working load
  • Excellent aesthetic finish. Standard finish Electro-zinc
  • Assemble using our range of Fast Fix Clip on couplers – no bolts required

35mm Height (4)

Wire Basket 100x35mm

To Fit100 x 35mm
Pack2 x 3m

Wire Basket 150x35mm

To Fit150 x 35mm
Pack2 x 3m

Wire Basket 200x35mm

To Fit200 x 35mm
Pack2 x 3m

Wire Basket 300x35mm

To Fit300 x 25mm
Pack2 x 3m