Wire Basket Cablelay

Wire Basket Cablelay is laid within lengths of wire basket or tray to protect cables from protrusions, sharp edges, rough surfaces and kinking ridges thus maintaining the integrity of the data cables which lay on top. Damaged cabling considerably slows down system performance, causes loss of data and costs hours of additional work time. Our Cablelay products are designed to minimise the risk of damage often caused during installation and protects the cabling for the lifetime of the system.

  • A lightweight and flexible 6mm thick mat supplied on rolls
    for quick and easy installation.
  • Class 0 fire standard to meet Building Regulations for England and Wales
  • Rolls are joined using Cablelay tape which maintains the Fire Standard and prevents joint movement
  • Reduces moisture getting absorbed into the cables and impacting on data cable performance

Cablelay Matting (9)

Cablelay Matting Class 0 100mm

To Fit100mm
Pack1 x 30m

Cablelay Matting Class 0 400mm

To Fit400mm
Pack1 x 30m

Cablelay Matting Class 0 500mm

To Fit500mm
Pack1 x 30m

Cablelay Matting Class 0 600mm

To Fit600mm
Pack1 x 30m

Cablelay Matting Class 0 60mm

To Fit60mm
Pack1 x 30m

Cablelay Tape Class 0

Pack1 x 15m roll