BENDEX – Essential Cable Management, Affordably Priced

At Marshall-Tufflex, we pride ourselves on supplying cable management to meet a wide range of projects and budgets and included in our range is the Bendex collection. Available nationwide, Bendex offers installers competitively priced cable management trunking solutions and electrical accessories.

With a strong reputation for offering quality cable management solutions, we are proud to offer installers even greater choice with Bendex – a high-quality, value PVC-U trunking and conduit range, which includes:

Challenger Trunking
Challenger is a three-compartment data compliant trunking system that can house CAT 7A cables. The range is ideal for offices, schools and college environments due to its hardwearing properties. This easy to install 167 x 50mm system can be installed at dado (System 1) or skirting level (System 2) dependent on the requirement and includes a full range of accessories. It is important to note that when the system is used at skirting level a clearance of 10mm is recommended above the floor covering as to not impact the IP4X rating.

Mini and Maxi Trunking
Bendex Mini trunking is built to withstand the most rigorous demands of domestic and commercial use. Available with accessories and self-adhesive backing, this quick fit Mini trunking system has been designed with speed of installation in mind. The self-adhesive backing should be stuck to a dust-free, dry, clean and flat surface forming the strongest bond after 24 hours.

Bendex Maxi includes trunking in a wide variety of sizes from 28x28mm up to 150x150mm, together with a wide range of fittings. This mid-sized trunking can house power and data cables and larger sizes can also accommodate wiring accessories. Additionally, Bendex Mini and Maxi trunking lengths are manufactured from 100% recycled material.

Conduit, Channelling and more
Bendex offers a wide range of conduit and accessories including, round conduit, oval conduit and universal boxes that have knockouts for both conduit or mini trunking. You can also find Channelling and Cable Protection Guard to complete electrical wiring installations. The Loblite socket is ideal for demanding environments where the socket may be exposed to water or dust, as it is IP66 rated when closed.

Challenger Trunking

Cable Protection Guard

Mini Trunking


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