Trunking from Nightingale Hospitals recycled for use in new products

Last year, Marshall-Tufflex supplied a number of the NHS Nightingale Hospitals with its PVC-U cable management systems and was recognised by the British Chamber of Commerce as a ‘UK Business Hero’ for its work on the project. Built to provide forecasted capacity for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, some hospitals are now being closed and in keeping with the company’s recycling ethos, the trunking systems in some sites have been removed for recycling.

The reclaimed PVC-U trunking was granulated and processed through a compounder to remove any impurities, resulting in recycled PVC-U material that will be used for new trunking or conduit systems. To ensure consistent quality across all of its products Marshall-Tufflex take material samples from the production line every hour to check for consistency in colour and surface finish.

“At Marshall-Tufflex we believe that every individual has the responsibility to reduce their impact on the environment, and by pushing for higher recycled content in our products we hope to inspire others in the industry to join this vision that all PVC-U cable management products installed in buildings are manufactured using recycled material by 2028,” says Paul Mitchell, Managing Director at Marshall-Tufflex. “We are extremely proud to announce that our PVC-U products have been manufactured using 74% recycled material in 2020 and will continue to innovate and develop new ways to produce superior products that retain their high quality whilst reducing our impact as a company.”

Marshall-Tufflex is at the forefront of cable management innovation and is the UK’s foremost manufacturer and supplier of cable management solutions.

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