Marshall-Tufflex named UK Business Hero by British Chamber of Commerce

We are delighted to have been recognised nationally by The British Chamber of Commerce as a UK Business Hero for our work in manufacturing trunking systems to the Nightingale projects in the fight against Covid 19.

We were approached back at the start of the pandemic to supply our antimicrobial trunking for the new emergency hospitals and recognising the need for a rapid response our team completely changed their production schedules and the first order left Hastings, just one day after the initial enquiry back on Monday 30th March.

Further contracts to supply additional NHS Nightingale locations nationwide including Manchester, Harrogate, Exeter, Birmingham and Jersey followed. Plus, orders for new Covid-19 emergency hospitals in Glasgow, Cardiff and Ireland.

The manufacturing process for Bio trunking uses a silver ion solution throughout the product, which disrupts the key cell functions of bacteria and prevents them from reproducing. This means it will deliver ongoing antimicrobial protection, ensuring that 99.9% of harmful bacteria, including MRSA, will not survive on the surface.

To put demand for the product in perspective, average use of the Bio ingredient in our manufacturing is around three tonnes every year. During a three-week period at the height of demand, we used over 40 tonnes. Some requests required delivery on the same day and one delivery was handed over at 2am in the morning, following the order just 12 hours earlier.

To meet the huge volumes and urgency, we had to completely change our manufacturing and distribution operation. Our factory was running 24/7 and staff worked extra hours, including weekends and the Easter bank holiday to deliver the quantities required. Key suppliers within their supply chain also played an essential role in speeding up processes making this a real team effort.

Paul Mitchell, Marshall-Tufflex Managing Director commented:

“I’m extremely proud of the team at Marshall-Tufflex and key suppliers involved with meeting demand for such an extraordinary project.

In these unprecedented times, the emergency NHS Nightingale Hospitals required an extraordinary volume of our antimicrobial trunking to be manufactured and delivered in a very short amount of time. To be recognised as a Business Hero for our teams outstanding work and innovative new processes is absolutely brilliant, and we are honoured.”

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