Odyssey Trunking – now BIO as standard

Antimicrobial BIO – the new standard for all Odyssey trunking


Odyssey, the three-compartment trunking system with a completely curved front profile is now supplied with antimicrobial BIO properties as standard.

Ideal for healthcare environments thanks to it’s easy to clean profile, the antimicrobial ingredient integral to the PVC-U ensures the prevention of harmful bacteria growth.

All Odyssey trunking supplied, will now be manufactured with this ingredient making it the perfect choice for any healthcare project.

By incorporating silver ions within the PVC-U based material the perimeter trunking delivers ongoing antimicrobial protection that prevents 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Because the Marshall-Tufflex Bio trunking solution is integral to the PVC-U material, there is no reduction in effectiveness throughout its life, even if it is damaged or scratched.

Discontinuation of codes

The standard Odyssey product codes will be retained and the original Odyssey Bio codes will be discontinued.

DescriptionProduct code to be discontinuedStandard Odyssey codes to be used
Trunking Assembly 180x57mm BioDD1BDD1WH
Coupler BioDD1213WHDD1210WH
End Cap BioDD1233WHDD1230WH
Internal Bend BioDD1313WHDD1310WH
External Bend BioDD1353WHDD1350WH
Flat Angle BioDD1413WHDD1410WH
Flat Tee Assembly BioDD1433WHDD1430WH
Accessory Box 1 Gang BioDD1513WHDD1510WH
Accessory Box 2 Gang BioDD1523WHDD1520WH
1G Bio Data Mounting FrameDD1561WHDD1560WH
2G Bio Data Mounting FrameDD1571WHDD1570WH

All related fittings and boxes within the Odyssey range will be manufactured with the BIO ingredient to ensure a complete anitmicrobial system.

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