New range of desk modules launched

We are pleased to introduce a new collection of power and data modules as well as improvements across our underfloor to desk range of products.

This new range includes standard power modules, USB charge points, data outlets and RCBO Units in various configurations, to cater for a wide variety of installation requirements and layouts. The range is available with Wieland GST 18/3 connectors and plugs, or with 20mm knockouts to enable “on-site” hard wiring. Also available are MT32 compatible desk modules – a unique plug and play system for quick and easy installation.

View the range of desk modules

Other improvements to the underfloor to desk range includes upgrades to our Raised Floor Boxes. A new tougher trim offers increased durability in areas with heavier traffic. Additional knockouts in the base for improved data cabling access have also been incorporated, as well as new data connections to meet higher data cable specifications.

View the range of raised floor boxes

RCD switched sockets have also been updated in line with the latest product standards and a new four compartment version is now available.

Finally, to improve installation times and convenience, MT32 Floor Boxes are now available pre-wired, with MT32 Connectors and fitted with the updated RCD sockets.

View the range of accessory plates 

View the range of raised floor boxes with RCD sockets

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