Specification considerations to minimise risk of electrical fires

Marshall-Tufflex offer a selection of products that are designed to assist in minimising the risk of electrical fires. When installing cable management products there are a number of specification considerations to help minimise risk.

Securing cables

In the event a fire – electrical or otherwise – there are legal requirements in place to ensure the safe evacuation of building occupants as well as allowing emergency services to operate safely.

Under BS 7671:2018, Regulation 521.10.202 Wiring Systems shall be adequately supported against their premature collapse in the event of a fire throughout the installation. To aid compliance, Marshall-Tufflex supply a range of Firefly clips designed to prevent cables falling and creating a hazard.

Our Firefly range is fire resistant above 1000°C for up to 120 minutes, ensuring they will not melt or fail during the event of a fire and will continue to hold cables securely should the plastic trunking melt – minimising risk to life. Easy to install with a spring-loaded design, cables remain easy to access for professionals in the event of maintenance or wiring changes.

Lowering risk

When it comes to properly storing cables, trunking systems should be compliant with the relevant regulations and product standards, to ensure the system is completely safe and cables cannot be tampered with or cause harm.

When customers are looking for installations in areas with large numbers of occupants, such as hallways, offices or even retail environments, we advise against trunking with a squared top edge.

This is because trunking with a flat edged surface can be a tempting place for people to rest items, such as drinks. To avoid this, our Sterling Curve or Odyssey trunking are recommended as these have a completely curved profile to prevent any items being placed on top, and makes for easier cleaning and maintenance overall. This will lessen the risk of an electrical fire in these areas.

We also offer a range of other trunking options that are suitable for resistance to higher temperatures, such as aluminium or steel trunking,

Dry Lining Boxes with Fire barrier pads

Additionally, in the event of a fire, the cover plate of a socket, switch or fitting may sag; leaving an escape route for fire to travel out of and into an adjoining room or ceiling. To prevent this, we offer dry lining boxes with Envirograf® intumescent pads. When these are fitted, the pads will expand to create an effective fire barrier. This will ensure compliance with BS 7671 Wiring Regulations and Approved Document B of the UK Building Regulations.

MT Supertube

MT Supertube is a robust, lightweight three-layer composite LS0H conduit that is pliable by hand. Extremely robust, it offers excellent EMI cable protection and in the event of a fire, is able to maintain working temperatures of up to 120°C.

A robust solution

Marshall-Tufflex can offer products that are incredibly robust and durable. Our trunking systems use recycled PVC-U window frames within the manufacturing process. As the materials for window frames are designed to withstand external elements, they are more than up to the task of withstanding everyday interior use, and protect electrical and data cables from damage – accidental or otherwise.

All year round, it is crucial to ensure your customers are aware of the problems associated with inadequate cable management, and the risks posed by damaged electrics and subpar fire clips. For more information on our product range, contact us today.

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