Exclusive supplier of Basor Wire Basket to the UK

We are pleased to announce that Marshall-Tufflex is now the exclusive supplier of the Basor Wire Basket range to the UK.

In stock and ready to order, the Fast-Coupling Wire Basket is quick and easy to assemble (no tools required) thanks to integral push-fit couplers which connect the basket sections together.

The strong, lightweight basket has great structural stability thanks to the rippled wire construction and is corrosion resistant, making it suitable for use in harsh environments. Two heights are available, 65mm and 105mm.

A Standard Wire Basket range is also available offering high cable capacity and resistance to cable movement, greater working loads and quick and easy assembly. Supplied in three heights – 35mm, 65mm and 105mm. Assembly utilises a fast-fix clip-on coupler (no bolts required).

Both systems offer maximum cable ventilation and are finished in electo-zinc (EZ) as standard. The innovative patented design of both the Fast-Coupling and Standard systems have safety edges to prevent cable damage and personal injury, are flex resistant under load and share universal accessories, including a push-fit cover to protect cables and minimise dirt and dust ingress. Simple manipulations to the baskets during installation can overcome complicated changes in direction, further speeding up installation times and reducing labour costs.

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