Sterling Profile Rationalisation

With sustainability and recycling at the heart of our business we are constantly looking to further reduce our impact on the environment. As part of this activity, at the end of this year, we will be rationalising our 167 x 50mm PVC-U Sterling Profile trunking and offering Sterling Curve – the newer equivalent at exactly the same size but with a modern curved lid design. This product consolidation will result in improved supply as well as decreasing wastage.

For ongoing requirements to service existing installations of Sterling Profile, we will have a solution available, so please contact our customer services team for details should this be required.

For dado installations, Sterling Curve Profile 1 will be supplied in place of Sterling Profile 1

For skirting installations, Sterling Curve Profile 2 will be supplied in place of Sterling Profile 2

Discontinued Products

The products that will be discontinued are as follows:

Product Code Description Sterling Curve Equivalent
EP1MWHSterling Profile 1 Assembly CEP1MWH
ECP1MWH Coupler Profile 1 CECP1MWH
EIBP1MWHInternal Bend Profile 1 CEIBP1MWH
EXBP1MWHExternal Bend Profile 1 CEXBP1MWH
EFA1MWHFlat Angle Profile 1 Cover Only CEFA1MWH
EFA1MBWHFlat Angle Profile 1 Complete CEFA1MBWH
EFT1MWHFlat Tee Profile 1 Cover Only CEFT1MWH
EFT1MBWHFlat Tee Profile 1 Complete CEFT1MBWH
EP2MWHSterling Profile 2 Assembly CEP2MWH
ECP2MWHCoupler Profile 2 CECP2MWH
EECP2MLHWHEnd Cap Profile 2 Left Hand CEECP2MLHWH
EECP2MRHWHEnd Cap Profile 2 Right Hand CEECP2MRHWH
EIBP2MWHInternal Bend Profile 2 CEIBP2MWH
EXBP2MWHExternal Bend Profile 2 CEXBP2MWH
EFA2UMWHFlat Angle Profile 2 Up Cover Only CEFA2UMWH
EFA2UMBWHFlat Angle Profile 2 Up Complete CEFA2UMBWH
EFA2DWHFlat Angle Profile 2 Down -
EFT2UMWHFlat Tee Profile 2 Up Cover Only CEFT2UMWH
EFT2UMBWHFlat Tee Profile 2 Up Complete CEFT2MBWH

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